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Act One Scene One Part 2 [Mar. 12th, 2007|03:11 pm]
Bad sushi Entertainment's communal workspace.


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Red Ellipse marks beginning of new material. 

Bas:                Connie, I think I saw Esmerelda getting ready for your baking lesson. Why don't you go see?


Connie:           (As she stands) Poppa, you do know Daddy tells me everything, so this will only delay my knowing what you think I don't want to hear.


Bas:                Still allow me some of my illusions darling. (He kisses her forehead.) Hmm? Go run along now.


                        Connie Exits. Bas begins treating Dean.


Bas:                I called Doctor Monroe. (Dean starts to object but before he can get a word out Bas continues) If this was the first or only time you'd stumbled or fallen lately I wouldn't have. But you've been falling at least once a day and today you undeniably hurt yourself.


Dean:              I can tell you exactly what she'll say Bas. She'll say, stay home, sleep and drink non-alcoholic fluids. And the answer is No to the first two. I have a show tonight, I can't stay home being a pussy.


Bas:                It’s not being a pussy Dean. You’re sick!


Dean:              Have you seen the shit I’ve written? That’s hardly new.


Bas: (laughing) Yes, but now you are ill, honey, and that is new.


Dean:              I’m fine, Bas, darling, I’m fine.


Bas:                We’ll see what Doctor Monroe says.


                        Bas has finished tending to Dean’s head so he stands and draws the curtains on the windows dimming the room.


Dean:              I told you, Bas, she’s going to tell me to spend the next year in bed. And I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to die before I’m dead!


Bas:                Do you think I want you to do that? Even though They (pointing outside) don’t recognize it I swore ‘til death. I didn’t want it to be only a handful of years.


Dean:              I know that, Bas.


Bas:                Do you? You keep making these comments that imply I’m the villain for wanting you to Gee, Trust the person who spent most of her life learning what to do with and for the people in your position.


Dean:              I have a show tonight.


Bas:                I know that darling husband, it is all you’ve talked about for weeks.


Dean:              I’m sorry.


Bas:                I don’t care if you’re sorry. (pause) Well I do care, but, (Sighs) I’d rather understand what is up with you. It’s you’re annual show, and you don’t usually freak out like this.


Dean:              I’m not sure I’ve done it this time. I’m not sure my violence works like it used to. I’m thinking this is meaningless violence and serves no greater good than advancing the plot to a horrible bloody conclusion.


Bas:                Is it entertaining?


Dean:              I’m even questioning that.


Bas:                Now there’s my beloved husband. Mr. I’m-a-no-talent-hack-even-though-they-keep-producing-my-plays-and-making-money.


                        (They both chuckle)


Dean:              I love you.


                        (A doorbell rings. Bas stands and moves off to answer.)


Bas:                I love you too. (Exits)


                        (Dean lounges on the sofa. After a moment Connie enters with a plate of cookies.)


Connie:           Cookie, Daddy?


Dean:              No thank you my darling child.


Connie: (Sing-songy) But they’re Ezzy’s short bread, Daddy.


Dean:              Oh thou art a foul temptress my child. (He waves her closer and takes a cookie) Don’t tell your poppa, promise?


Connie:           Promise.


                                    (Dean takes a bite of the cookie and groans happily)


Dean:              Oh sweet sugar and butter how I have missed you. They say you’re bad for me, but how can something so good be soooo bad.


                        (Bas enters with Doctor Monroe.)


Bas:                Dean!


Dean:              Connie made me.


Bas:                A very likely story Mr. I-don’t-even-care-what-the-doctor-says-I’m-going-to-do-what-ever-I want-to.


Dean:              Darling, that form of sarcasm does not suit you. And you do it so much.


Dr. Monroe:   Well you sound like your usual ornery self.


Dean:              Most people say I’m stubborn.


Dr. Monroe:   Splitting hairs, Dean.


Dean:              As you said, Ornery.


                        (They all laugh. Dr. Monroe makes her way over to Dean and kneels beside the sofa.)


Dr. Monroe:   All right, let’s check you out. Do we know what broke the skin on his forehead?


 Bas:               There weren’t any rocks that I could see. He was just rambling away and then he stopped and I looked back and he was on the ground.


Dr. Monroe:   Do you remember anything, Dean?


Dean:              Just being drug in here against my will.


                        (Dr. Monroe opens her bag, removing a stethoscope.)


Dr. Monroe:   All right. Bas, is there a backless chair nearby?


Bas:                Yes, I’ll go get it. (exits)


Dr. Monroe:   All right Dean, so what else has been happening?


Dean:              I’ve not been eating a lot. The cookie is the first thing I’ve had all day.

Dr. Monroe:   All right. Bas says you’ve been falling more often.


Dean:              I’ve always been a little clumsy.


Dr. Monroe:   He says this is more than normal and it’s not just stumbling.


Dean:              Why are you even asking me then?


Dr. Monroe:   Because one of these days you’ll be honest with me.


Dean:              I promise doc, one of these days I will.


                        (Bas Enters with a piano stool.)


Dr. Monroe:   Good Bas, bring it over here. (Bas settles the stool near the sofa and helps Dr. Monroe move Dean to it. Dr. Monroe slips on her stethoscope.) All right, Dean, Take a deep breath. (He does, It rattles very slightly.) Okay, Again. (He does. Dr. Monroe moves around in front of him.) Any pain elsewhere?


Dean:              No. My head is a little sore but nothing major.


Dr. Monroe:   My advice is, then, since we just had an MRI and we know where you are at with that is start carrying a cane, and try to eat more. You probably just had a low blood sugar incident similar to a diabetic who hasn’t eaten enough.


Dean: (Surprised) Really?


Dr. Monroe:   Really, Just try to not be alone either. But I suspect it would be an obscene amount of work for you to achieve anything like that knowing Bas.


Bas:                See Dean, You don’t know everything.


Dean:              I’ve never claimed to know everything. I just thought I knew what she’d say today.


Dr. Monroe:   Amazing, Dean admitting we surprised him. (Begins to repack her bag.) You’re clear for your show tonight Dean if you’re careful.


Dean:              I will be.


            (End Scene)

And Act one Scene Two is "Louis" Scene three to come...

[User Picture]From: kingofswords
2007-03-16 07:45 pm (UTC)
cool I'm excited to see more.
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